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Only within the last couple years have I found my love of reading again. I've found that my interests lie mostly under that big genre umbrella that is fantasy, but I'm down for anything that will move and/or entertain me. 

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Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin Generally speaking, I liked Masque of the Red Death but it wasn't special. I found certain aspects of the story to be visually . . . interesting, but not necessarily appealing (omg, all that Ke$ha glitter). I found other aspects to be rather convenient and lacking a proper explanation (next book, maybe?). The most disappointing thing for me was the plot being over shadowed on a number of occasions to focus on (ready for it?) i n s t a ♥ l o v e and a l o v e ♥ t r i a n g l e. Both love interests fall into the well established young-adult novel trope of "cardboard nice guy" and "disrespectful dangerous jerk guy", neither of which are appealing. I did like Araby, though. I like that she felt real empathy for people that didn't feel fake. I think her character needed a little more follow-through regarding certain actions. Araby vows never to experience what her brother was not able; however, even before she comes to realize that this vow is unreasonable she's choosing to partake in things her brother couldn't. I also thought that Araby's drug use was handled poorly, it just seemed like something to make her more "edgy" and distant from the world. I hope that in the next book we'll see her grow into a more self-assured character that doesn't follow every request asked of her.