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Only within the last couple years have I found my love of reading again. I've found that my interests lie mostly under that big genre umbrella that is fantasy, but I'm down for anything that will move and/or entertain me. 

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Pushing the Limits - I was angry for much of the book. I don’t mind bad boys but assholes are not my thing. Much of my hate for this book revolves around Noah and all his gross, sexist behavior. Noah gets his kicks off by intimidating women; he does it with Echo, Carrie, Keesha (though she doesn’t take it), and Mrs. Collins. I’m not down for that at all, it’s not cute, it’s not sexy, it’s disgusting and sends up an immediate red flag for me. Another reason I hated Noah was because the only reason he was into Echo was because they both have had tragic things happen in there lives and so he thought they could commiserate understand with each other and, most of all and oft reminded, because Echo was hot. All he did was comment on her “big tits”, “tight ass”, her cleavage, her red curly, how good she smelled, and how much she was his siren, his nymph. Apparently, Echo’s personality, her artistic talent, her intellect, isn’t worth commenting on or complimenting her on. The fact that he always thought of Echo as a possession made me want to vomit. Echo was okay. Most of what I found engaging about her the details of what happened between her mother and her. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about Echo as a character because she just didn’t feel fleshed out. The relationship between Echo and Noah was . . . well, I wondered why they were together. I never felt like there was a true and deep build up to their relationship and, as I said, I felt like Noah only liked Echo because she was hot and I can’t honestly tell you why Echo liked Noah, maybe because he was less overtly sexist than Luke? It was a very shallow relationship.I was not a fan of how things were wrapped up between Echo and her mother. I couldn’t help but be irritated by the portrayal of the mother who has a mental illness. However, other than that the ending is like an after school special on forgiving people who, in my opinion, don’t necessarily deserve it.