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Only within the last couple years have I found my love of reading again. I've found that my interests lie mostly under that big genre umbrella that is fantasy, but I'm down for anything that will move and/or entertain me. 

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Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn This book is horrifying. Horrifying in a readable way that just makes you say, What. The. Fuck.I would have gladly given this four stars had it not been for the beginning of this book. The first half of the story was so unbelievably boring I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish (and I have an overwhelming compulsion to finish all books I start). However, once the story gets moving it’s absolutely thrilling.These characters were completely unlikable right from the get go. The brilliant thing about it is that none of them are justified in their actions. As I mentioned before, and I think the best word to describe them all is horrifying. Some more than others, okay, a lot more than others, but I never felt as though I was being made to feel bad for any of them. I will definitely be checking out Flynn’s other work.