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Only within the last couple years have I found my love of reading again. I've found that my interests lie mostly under that big genre umbrella that is fantasy, but I'm down for anything that will move and/or entertain me. 

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Ripper - Amy Carol Reeves The Victorian era, Jack the Ripper, and paranormal happenings; all things that I find interesting to read about and this book had all three. My problem with this book was the characters and the dialogue were far too modern! The only character with a stitch of authenticity in regards to society and etiquette was the grandmother. I don't mind Victorian era novels with opinionated and against-the-grain heroines, but it needs to be done in a realistic way and this was over the top. Two things that stick in my mind that were totally unbelievable and jarring were the protagonist getting invited to a sort of dinner party for doctors when a) she isn't one and b) she is the only woman in attendance, and the use of "whatever" in the dialogue (think the movie Clueless). To say I was disappointed would be a bit of an understatement.