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Only within the last couple years have I found my love of reading again. I've found that my interests lie mostly under that big genre umbrella that is fantasy, but I'm down for anything that will move and/or entertain me. 

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Firethorn - Sarah Micklem At first I really did enjoy reading this book. I didn’t mind the slow sort of meandering that this novel did while telling the story of Luck and her transformation into Firethorn. I liked the details and the world building. I even liked Firethorn, and maybe I still do to some extent. The rest of the story is much like the beginning, slow and meandering, and there in lies the problem. I don’t mind slow starts as long as the tension and action start to build but it doesn’t in the story. It’s really a book about the day to day grind of Firethorn’s life as an object of luck and a thing to fuck for Galan. It’s not so much that nothing happens but that nothing exciting happens. The romance was not something I enjoyed either. I have no idea why Firethorn loves Galan so much, and I find it hard to believe that Galan loves her at all. It’s a romance full of sexism that seems to be accepted for the sake of “historical accuracy” and for some that maybe enough of a justification, but it’s not for me. The characters are well written and had a certain depth to them, but none were able to grab me and make me care for them. Firethorn’s actions did not endear her to me in later parts of the novel. It’s safe to say I cared nothing for Galan whatsoever. It just wasn’t an entertaining book and didn’t have any characters that made me feel anything for them other than frustration.